AFTER TASTE / Critique of Insufficient Reason, Logos Verlag Berlin 2021

Micro Human co-financed Slavko Kacunko´s three-volumes opus magnum. Therein, especially Chapter 12 refers to the extended field of Taste studies, observed as acquainted with “micro-humanities”, indicating a locus between “pre-” and “post-” disciplinarity. The question remains whether such a product of capitalist idealism could lose ground to the narrative of a mediating micro-humanistic and resource-materialistic approach. Micro-humanistic here was conceived as a farewell to the subject of self-sufficient reason and a welcome to the realm of insufficient reason; resource-materialistic here meant to replace or charge capitalistic idealism with the characteristic and circumstances of an aesthetic of capitalism, which might allow us the overcome the metaphysics of fields and dispositions.

Slavko Kacunko, After Taste. Critique of Insufficient Reason
ISBN 978-3-8325-5352-4
1380 pages, 3 volumes