Kahlbaum Area in Görlitz

The term “heritage” is value-bearing and therefore it guides action: the cultural and natural heritage of tomorrow is designed and built today. This innovation and sustainability principle applies to our physical and mental health, our thoughts and actions as well as to interpersonal relationships in general. The Kahlbaum Area project in Görlitz takes Kahlbaum’s place of thought and activity as a starting- and orientation point for a future-oriented reconstruction and rehabilitation of Kahlbaum’s theory and practice. It links the existing local priorities on the material infrastructure and the material heritage with the immaterial aspects of construction and medical research and the research location under development, based on the scientific and cultural heritage of the trend-setting findings and innovative forms of treatment for “mental health” such as them PD Dr. Med. Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum (Driesen 1828- Görlitz 1899).