Reading Room

Reading Room is a project-in-progress dedicated to the public reading and reading in public – a space and time designed for regaining focus and concentration on what has been, or what might become important for sharing knowledge.
Reading Room does not discern between fiction and non-fiction literature.
Reading Room concerns both virtual and real “room”, connoting the related shared time of “reading”.
Reading Room addresses both the “reading” in sense of “to read” and “to lecture” as well as many other connotations of the term “reading” in its present-continuous, or performative form. In fact, the connotations of Reading Room are yet to be investigated through reading in public.
Reading Room develops, proposes and presents the formats of “reading” that confront and interpenetrate the written and oral forms of meaning and expression.
Reading Room does not ignore the interests in visual aspects of the text (“visual poetry”, text as image and vice versa), the programmability of the text or its recontextualizations in the hypertext-contexts; however, the focus is set on (micro-) human reading and (micro-) human understanding.
Reading Room takes place on irregular basis both in form of real and virtual venues. The venues are archived, so far as it is medially possible, on this website.

Reading Room reacts to the reactionary gesture of burning down a “reading room” on S-Bahnof Grunewald in Berlin (12. August 2023), probably an anti-semitic act and certainly a truly inhuman act of violence. Micro Human starts with collecting donations for re-establishing of the Reading Room in Berlin-Grunewald right away: The barbaric arson in Berlin should be the initial spark to set up further similar Reading Rooms all over the place.

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