KOSMOPOLIT / 2017-18 Berlin, Humboldt Forum Competition

Sabine Kacunko, Kunst-am-Bau (“percent for art”) competition for major foyer at Humboldt Forum/Berliner Schloss, 2017-18.
KOSMOPOLIT contains a sculpture and an interactive sound device. The sculpture is made of fiberglass and metal. It hangs from the ceiling and acts as a resonating body. It absorbs and reflects its surroundings both visually due to its mirroring surface, and acoustically, due to the sounds initiated by visitors. The visualized accumulation of aerosols generates the visual-sculptural level. In the natural and human-polluted environment, winds directions cause dispersion of the sand particles (aerosols) and microorganisms adhering to them, which act as “natural fertilizers” of the soil or rainforest on their way from Sahara to Europe or South America. The natural and man-made aerosols that have been produced since the industrialization are of central importance for the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere, the biosphere, as well as for climate and health.

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